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In todays world of online communication and interaction, each and every person- from a small entrepreneur to big industrialists also celebrities and everyone has started using blogs for unleashing their thoughts.

Over the years , wordpress has developed itself as one of the best open source blogging tool that is developed open source technologies like PHP and mySql.

Plugins? We try to avoid this thing as much as possible. We do not rely on plugins for small things like sliders, menus, etc. Our PSD to WordPress coders registers the function and use them to set up the interative gadgets for your WordPress website.

If at all we use any plugins, then we make it a point to see that the look and feel for the same is matched to your PSD design by working upon the Plugins’ CSS files.

Finally, do you want your WordPress site to be SEO Friendly?? Of course you will tell YES. So, dont worry, we will make it sure that your WordPress site is 200% SEO optimized with our hand written W3 compatible Semantic XHTML Markup.

At last, we make your markup compatible on browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, safari, Opera, and Google Chrome.

The best part of our psd to WordPress conversion service is that psd to html is included for free. Hence, you need not burn your pockets to get the best psd to html service.

All orders for PSD to WordPress includes:-

  • 100% tableless CSS
  • Completely SEO Optimized, for Search Engine Rankings
  • Validates with XHTML
  • Lightweight CSS coding
  • Cross browser tested (Internet Explorer 6-7-8, FireFox, chrome etc)
  • Widgetized sidebars for full customization
  • Fastest Turnaround!

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Cross Browser Compatibility

We at PSD to Manythings, the experts in PSD to HTMl5 coding always make it a point to see that all the markups created by us are compatible with all the browsers like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera.


Our aim at PSD to Manythings is to make your markup load and fast by implementing innovative techniques like CSS Image Sprites, JavaScript and Compressions. This helps you in making your website load fast and saves your disk space bandwidth too.


Anything that is coded at PSD to Manythings is always search engine friendly. Our HTML markup is very neat clean, semantic which helps the search engine to properly crawl your website and makes it rank in the top positions on the search engines.


We at PSD to manythings, see to it that we use your designs only for developing the markup and themes and we promise you that we will never use or sell the same. Click here to see the example of Non Disclosure Agreement that we sign with every client.


Customer Satisfaction is the first and fore most thing that we believe at PSD to Manythings . So, we see to it that all the markup coded by our coder is 100% cross browser compatibility and is upto the quality mark. Apart from this , we deliver everything on time.


We do believe that your data is the most important thing for our business and that’s why we do make an attempt to store all your markup files with us safe for 6 months. So in any case you lose your data, you can get it back by just sending us an e mail and we will give you your data back.